Mrs. Utah United States 2017 - Anne Forester

Platform - Read, Lead, Succeed

Anne Forester is an author, actress, reporter and host, and a licensed educator. She studied broadcast journalism, graduating with honors from Southern Utah University. Always wanting to further her education, Anne earned a Master of Arts in Teaching from Western Governors University. Anne's platform is Read, Lead, Succeed: Be a lifelong learner. She believes education is empowering and works with various nonprofit organizations to promote literacy in the community. Anne loves to write and published her first children’s book, Busy BeeBo in 2016. This year, she launched Read Your Heart Out, an online children's literacy program that teaches reading skills. She and her husband, Brent, love reading to their two young sons.  

Ms. Woman Utah United States 2017 - Jewel Frazier

Platform - Sunshine in a Box

Jewel is an accomplished musician with the ability to play seven different musical instruments. She played bass clarinet with the Mormon Youth Symphony at age 17 and the tenor saxophone at Weber State University, on a full ride scholarship. Jewel graduated top of her class, and is a licensed, Master Esthetician.
Her most outstanding achievement is that she has three incredible children, which she has raised as a single mother for the past seven years. She has two charismatic sons, ages 20 and 22, and a 15 year old daughter that has followed in her musical footsteps. 
For the past two years she has been participating in a charitable project called, “Sunshine In A Box.” This has enabled her to brighten the lives of others, while being on a transformational journey of body, mind and spirit. She hopes to continue to use her time, talents and experiences to give back, and honorably represent the state of Utah at Nationals.

Ms. Utah United States 2017 - Susie Wayman

Platform ~ Healing Hands

Susie Wayman is honored to United States System. She is the mother of 3 gorgeous and rambunctious children. She loves spending time in nature hiking, camping and meditating. Her favorite things to do are travel to new places, cooking and spending time with family. Her platform is Healing Hands Mentoring and she is working to bring greater self-awareness to people in their relationships, business, body and mind.

Miss Utah United States 2017 - Hayley Huntsman

Platform ~ Higher Education

Hayley graduates with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Utah in 4 days, and has always been passionate about education. Her platform, Empower with Education is centered on helping women understand the benefits and importance of obtaining their Bachelor's degree. Utah has the largest bachelor's degree gender gap in the nation, so Hayley has served as a mentor to women applying to both undergraduate and graduate programs as well as worked with the Utah Women and Education Initiative to help decrease this gap and spread awareness of the importance of higher education, serving as a support system to women throughout their college experience.

Miss Teen Utah United States 2017 - Brooklyn Lang

Platform ~ Life Sparkle

Brooklyn is currently an honor student at Corner Canyon High School. As an honor student, she maintains a strict study schedule and enjoys learning. She is a competitive cheerleader through MACS cheer and her team has placed in top 10 at Nationals. Brooklyns goal is to attend cosmetology school, as well as earn a Bachelors Degree in Fashion Design. Brooklyn enjoys modeling for Ypsilon Dresses and was selected to be a social media representative for them. She has placed as a top ten finalist in Miss Utah USA two years in row, and was also awarded Miss Photogenic. Some of her life goals include attending NYU, or possibly owning her own Paul Mitchell salon. She enjoys traveling and visiting exotic places and is always up for a new adventure. Brooklyn loves singing and she recently recorded her first single. She has a dream to perform on Broadway. Most importantly, Brooklyn is excited to share an important message through her platform "Life Sparkle". She recently helped create the website which encourages everyone to do small acts of kindness. This will  provide a place to share your story of someone that touched your life, or raise awareness for someone in need. After giving service and seeing the results of hard work, Brooklyn has felt happiness in her life and knows the difference it will make in yours. 

Miss Jr. Teen Utah United States 2017 - Mia Mellor

Platform ~ Zero Fatalities

My name is Mia Mellor and I am 15 years old. For the past 11 years of my life, I have been a competitive dancer. I really enjoy dancing because it is a way for me to express myself and make art through movement. I also really enjoy boating on the lake. I love to surf and to tube behind the boat. Surfing for me is such a fun way to be active, but to have a little challenge at the same time. My favorite thing to do recently has been to travel. I love traveling because it gets me out of me regular element and comfort zone, and it puts me into someone else’s culture and lifestyle. Experiencing and perceiving different parts of the world is something so beautiful and unlike anything else. My platform is Zero Fatalities. I recently lost some friends in a tragic car accident. Please remember to buckle up!